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Computerized Telescope Mounts

Though some hobbyists swear by the analog, hand-steered systems, computerized telescope mounts have revolutionized the game. Also known as a GoTo mount, a digital system can deliver hands-free, accurate tracking of celestial objects, making it easier to capture stunning images without blur. At OPT, we carry GoTo equatorial mount, Dobsonian GoTo mount, and other mount options to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for ease of use and a quick setup, consider an alt-az automatic telescope mount. These computerized mounts move on two axes — up/down and left/right — and don’t need to be aligned with Polaris to begin tracking. This makes it a great telescope for beginners. For instance, the Celestron NexStar 6SE Computerized Telescope is a turnkey package capable of automatically pointing to and tracking over 40,000 objects in the sky. To align it, you simply need to choose three bright objects, and the system will do the rest. With its 6-inch aperture, you’ll see Jupiter’s cloud bands and lunar surface features. The Sky-Watcher 8” is another excellent beginner package featuring a Dobsonian GoTo mount and a collapsible telescope.

You can expand your astrophotography capabilities by choosing a GoTo equatorial mount. Equatorial mounts like the iOptron GEM45 work on the same two axes as an alt-az mount, but the system is tilted to account for latitude. This allows you to align with Polaris and track circumpolar orbits. Our selection of GoTo equatorial mounts are high-quality and high-functioning, with an impressive range of payload weights and quick polar alignment. Low power consumption, whisper-quiet mechanics, and internal cable management systems ensure ease of use.

One of the main benefits of our computerized telescope mounts is their compatibility with software and operating systems. Using your favorite PC, astrophotography controller, or alignment tools, you can reduce the time spent performing rote labor and increase the amount of time spent stargazing. This compatibility opens the door for increased use opportunities, from deep space photography to planetary and lunar exposures.

If you have any questions about the features and functions of our computerized telescope mounts, contact our knowledgeable Sales Team.


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What is the advantage of computer-controlled mounts for telescopes?

One advantage of an automatic telescope mount is its ability to navigate in severely light-polluted skies. Computerized mounts allow you to align when stars are less visible and can save beginners and experts alike significant amounts of time.