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Why the AG Optical Imaging Dall Kirkham?

When looking for a top-tier telescope that will never disappoint even the most seasoned astronomer, you need not look any further than AG Optical Imaging Dall Kirkhams (IDKs). With several aperture sizes ranging from 10" to 20", these are perfect for anything from a portable imaging system to bring on the go, or for that professional-grade observatory setup you've wanted for so long. Each telescope in this series is created with the careful, precise design and robust engineering that is only fitting for those who demand excellence. The amount of effort and thoughtfulness put into these scopes is evident at first glance. 

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Impeccable Optical System

There's no doubt about it: AG Optical IDKs are some of the best telescopes around and are built with astrophotography in mind. Any astrophotographer knows how important it is for each detail to be perfect when imaging, which is why the fused quartz optics are used to guarantee sharp, clear optics from edge to edge. With corrected image circles ranging from 50mm to 70mm optics free of coma, astigmatism, and field curvature you're guaranteed to get the image you want every time. The system is constructed primarily with carbon fiber, so you know it's already going to be more lightweight than most other similar telescopes. 

AG Optical IDK Close Up

Comprehensive Cooling

The AG Optical Systems IDKs provide fantastic thermal stability. This is achieved in a few ways but starts at the base level with its carbon fiber assembly. Extensive use of carbon fiber materials already ensures respectable thermal stability, but the addition of three cooling fans along the back seals the deal. Further, optional accessories are available as well for those who want to create the perfect system if all regards, but those who hold onto the base model will definitely be impressed at just how little maintenance these telescopes require. 

AG Optical IDK 10 Collection Page