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DSLRs Vs Dedicated Astro Cameras


DSLRs or astro dedicated cameras? Astrophotographers use both to capture the night sky, and while many have their preferences, those looking to get started might wonder which type is better? We break it all down for you here! Enjoy! 

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4 Responses


January 05, 2021

Hey James, great question! For the Canon DSLR, you can attach an M48 wide T-ring and attach it that way. For the ZWO camera, you can use the included extenders and the M42-M48 adapter to attach it.


January 05, 2021

Hey Michael! The Canon EOS Ra is a great astrophotography camera. Unlike a ZWO camera or QHY camera, though, you can take normal daytime photography pictures with it, whereas a ZWO camera or QHY camera needs a computer to control it since it has no screen or user interface. Another difference is that most ZWO & QHY cameras have a cooling system, where the Canon EOS Ra does not. This helps greatly with reducing noise. If you need a camera for both daytime and nighttime photography, go with the EOS Ra. If you want a camera that will be even better for astrophotography, go with a ZWO or QHY cooled camera. Clear skies!

James Beisen

January 02, 2021

I watched a video from you guys on cameras to use on the radian raptor 61 I have a canon eos rebel t7 and a zwo asi294mc camera after watching the video would like to use the zwo camera what SHOULD I use to hook up to the radian raptor 61


December 26, 2020

How’s does a canon Ra compare to a dedicated astrophotography camera?

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