Why Light Pollution Matters with Kelly Beatty

Even with a clear sky, light pollution has become a growing problem for astrophotographers worldwide. More and more astrophotographers are becoming dedicated light pollution activists to raise awareness and save the night sky's beauty. Listen as Tony talks with Kelly Beatty about what is happening with light pollution

What better way to commemorate International Dark Sky Week than by talking with Kelly Beatty, a former editor of Sky and Telescope Magazine and light pollution activist. He tells us how big an issue our disappearing dark skies are, his thoughts on the new Starlink constellation of satellites from SpaceX and what we can all do to help combat the lightning of our night.

About Kelly Beatty

Kelly Beatty is a recognized science journalist, having spent most of his time as editor of Sky & Telescope Magazine and as an educator at the Dexter Southfield in Brookline, Massachusetts. Beatty has received several awards for his work in astronomy, including the Astronomical League Award in 2006 and the Jonathan Eberhart Journalism Award in 2009. After retiring as editor, Beatty continues to devote his time to astronomy and is currently working with the International Dark Sky Association raising awareness of the effects of light pollution. Learn more on this episode of Space Junk Podcast!

Time stamps for The Growing Problem of Light Pollution w/ Kelly Beatty

2:25 - How he got started with light pollution activism

5:07 - What is most concerning about light pollution?

8:39 - Sodium vapor lamps

10:55 - How the fight against light pollution has expanded beyond astronomy

18:25 - How light affects crime

22:17 - Principles for using light at night

25:44 - About the International Dark Sky Association & International Dark Sky Week

30 - Become a citizen scientist! (globeatnight.org)

32 - The worst type of light pollution

36:15 - What can you do to make a difference about the light pollution in your community

41:30 - What are some of the best tools that visual astronomers can use to combat light pollution?

48:25 - Satellites being launched into space and their impact in the night sky

55:10 - Catching up with Sky & Telescope Magazine

59:20 - How to join International Dark Sky Association (darksky,org)

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