How to Balance your Equatorial Mount! 🔭

How to Balance Your Equatorial Mount

Learn how to use your equatorial mount with this easy telescope tutorial by OPT experts. These tips will help you balance your EQ mount to produce clearer and brighter images. Balancing your equatorial mount is no easy task. Whether an expert or beginner using your telescope, we give you an explanation of best practices on how to balance your equatorial mount.

Balancing doesn’t take long to do! A well-balanced mount can mean the difference between a 10-minute unguided exposure or a 30-second exposure with improper balance. Balancing saves your mount from putting too much stress on your mounts gears.

Five steps to balancing your mount

  • Put on your counterweights.
  • Mount your scope.
  • Add all of the accessories that you will be using for your imaging session.
  • Get a good idea of where your focus is and move your scope to that spot before balancing.
  • Move your counterweights up or down until your mount is sturdy and balanced in any position.

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