What is the Closest Planet to Jupiter?

What is the Closest Planet to Jupiter?

If you lived on Jupiter, what planet would you consider is your closest neighbor? The answer changes, depending on where Jupiter and the rest of the planets are in the Solar System.

But the planet that gets closest to Jupiter is Mars. This happens when the two planets are lined up with the Sun: think of them in a line, Sun, Mars, Jupiter. At this point, Mars is only 551 million km. But when they're on opposite sides of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter can be 1 billion km apart.

And when Mars and Jupiter are at their most distant, Saturn can actually be closer. At their closest point, Saturn and Jupiter can be 655 million km apart.

In other words, Mars is usually the closest planet to Jupiter, but Mercury, Venus, Earth and even Saturn can be closer from time to time.

If you're interested, here's information about the closest planet to Earth, and the closest planet to Mars.

Here's NASA's World Book on Jupiter and the Solar System Exploration information on Jupiter.

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