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Is the Revolution Imager Right for You?

Is the Revolution Imager Right for You?

The Revolution Imager brings the most effective, convenient, and affordable star party experience to your home—or wherever you may be! Video astronomy has never been easier than it is now, and with interest in astronomy growing it’s time to optimize your star party experience. If you’ve had subpar experiences with star parties or have ever been interested in astrophotography, then this is for you.

The Star Party Experience

Imagine yourself and your telescope one evening in the backyard, or wherever you may choose to gaze upon the stars. Perhaps your friends or family you’ve invited (or who have invited themselves) are lounging around, conversing, and gazing upward.

“I’ve got it in focus,” you exclaim, “here’s Jupiter!” A rush of excitement and the crowding begins around the single scope. “One at a time please,” you chuckle, “the planet isn’t going anywhere!”

Cheerfully you look over your company. But beneath the cheer comes an inkling of disappointment with…

“Why is it so blurry?” You adjust the focus a bit.
“I can’t see anything.” You realign the scope.

These are just a couple inconveniences we all experience at some point. You wish for an easy way to display the beauty above for them all at once, to bring the wonder of the cosmos to the party.

Most people would assume the only solution is to buy steeply priced imaging equipment that'll take ages to understand and be a hassle to bring anywhere, effectively giving up. Most people would be wrong. Most people don’t have a Revolution Imager.

What the Revolution Imager Brings to the Party

Convenience. The convenience offered by this complete kit rises above the rest at a fraction of the price. The Revolution Imager condenses the complexity and equipment required of astronomy imaging, or astrophotography, into an easy to use and organized package.

Most astrophotographers need to lug out a laptop, large battery, and a labyrinth of cables to capture the night sky. With the Revolution Imager, you will be among the few bypassing this hassle while still getting great images. Once plugged in and powered, you are ready to attach the camera to your telescope! No external computer required. You can immediately scour the skies and embody the astrophotographer you’ve always wanted to be.

Unlike your standard visual astronomy eyepiece setup, this astro-video camera kit brings stunning images in color that the human eye alone could never experience. The spiraling of the Andromeda Galaxy and the outer clouds of the Lagoon Nebula become available with the Imager.

The Revolution Imager covers all the baseline necessities of astrophotography in adjusting exposure time, gain, color, and perhaps most importantly: image stacking, all while remaining very affordable!

This telescope camera gives a maximum exposure time of 5.12 seconds which can then be live stacked up to 6 times, creating an image 2.5 times clearer than a single exposure. If you find the image too narrow in scope, too focused on a small patch of sky, bringing out the focal reducer will give a dramatically increased field of view.

It’s important to note that while this camera setup is both simple to use and master, the image quality and data collected will of course not be on par with high-end imaging gear that triples this in price. Nonetheless, the Revolution Imager will prove effective to both amateur and advanced astronomer alike due to its convenience.

On top of everything mentioned here, we must also bring up one of the greatest star party bonuses inherent in owning this: once the cosmic object has been found, the scope can be completely left alone. No more focusing and refocusing. No more accidental nudges. No need to line up. The heavens are on display at a glance for all in attendance.

Accessories You’ll Want

Being involved in astrophotography, you will want more. We always want more; more pictures, more angles, more zoom, more options for better pictures. Thankfully we have options to accompany the Imager.

If you’re heading out to the wilderness for a weekend, the additional battery pack may be just right for you. Whatever your needs or wants may be, the accessory you need isn’t far from reach.

What’s more, is that the Revolution Imager isn’t limited to the universe; the microverse is open to imaging as well! For those venturing into the smaller curiosities, a microscope adapter is readily available for this system.

A Better Star Party

The Revolution Imager is an excellent option to ramp up your star party experience. You can be the guiding star of your party with this simple setup, leading your loved ones on a tour of our cosmic backyard.

The excitement and grandeur of astrophotography have never been more accessible than now. Check out the Revolution Imager here!

Where will you look first? Let us know in the comments below.

Clear Skies.

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  • Alan Sanchez (OPT)

    Hello Sanjeet! Attaching a better camera is technically possible and is offered through a package by the same manufacturer. The package includes an improved Touptek IMX224 Camera with the necessary cable ports. In this respect, you could use that better camera, and it would also open the way for more adaptation as well. I wish you the best in your experiments!

  • Sanjeet S Maghera

    Is there a way to hook this up to a better camera? Eg ASI 294 pro?

  • Alan Sanchez (OPT)

    That is definitely the goal, Juan! The easier it is to engage people with the cosmos, the better. A good tracker is always preferred, but not entirely necessary for short exposures. We’re counting on you to motivate those in Bonaire to keep looking up!

  • Juan Manuel Catano

    Family and friends will be happy to share and learn more about our night sky.
    Here on Bonaire seems not much interest for the sky at night, this beautiful system will be a excellent tool to motivate more people to become skywatchers.
    Will be nice a option to record video.
    I asume the telescope needs a good tracker to stack the frames.

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