Mon, Sep 14, 20

A New Radian Telescope is Launching Soon

A New Radian Telescope is Launching Soon

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About Radian Telescopes

Radian Telescopes provides high-quality, innovative astronomy equipment for easy astrophotography, including light pollution filters, premium optics, and more!

Founded by OPT, Radian Telescopes is driven to identify common issues in amateur astronomy and meet them with high-quality hardware to provide universal astrophotography solutions.


  • Cloudsbane

    I’m looking forward to the full reveal! Hopefully smoke, clouds, and the like cooperate . . .

  • Emanuel

    i’m really exited about

  • Jim Stitley

    Add me to your astronomy circulation list.
    Thank you,
    Jim Stitley

  • Steve H

    Now that something to be excited about!

  • Jesse D Beatty

    Looking forward to seeing after viewing the video. Always interested in new and better products, getting back into astrophotography now I am retired.

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