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Everything You Need to Know About the Triad Filter

Everything You Need to Know About the Triad Filter

The Ultimate Guide to the Triad Filter

Light pollution? No problem. 

The Triad Filter is a revolutionary astrophotography filter that can help you obtain the H-beta wavelength, H-alpha wavelength, Oiii emission line, and Sii emission line. Enjoy the convenience of having four filters in one with its quad-band design!


The Triad Filter's powerful optics can capture incredible detail even in the worst light pollution conditions. The results you capture need minimal changes because of its precision.

Check out this short video on imaging processing with the Triad Filter.

Simple Processing for Triad Filter Imaging



The Triad Ultra filter also works with fast telescopes of up to f/2. Jason Guenzel imaged the Rosette Nebula below using his 8-inch RASA!

OPT triad Filter results rosette nebula


Produce the coral reds, agate blues, and ocean greens of the universe with this 100% American made filter with a narrow-band-luminance filter for monochrome cameras.

Here's a before and after taken by Shawn Nielson. Same camera (QHY168C). Same telescope. Both 4.5 hours total.

Before and After Image Using the Triad Filter

triad filter about before and after image

The Triad Filter comes in three variations, ultra quad-band, ultra square quad-band, and tri-band. Learn more about each below! 

Types of Triad Filters

Everything you need to know about triad filter types

Triad Ultra Quad-Band Narrowband Filter

Since the filter has extremely narrow bandpasses, telescopes with focal ratios faster than f/4 will move transmission off the band. Telescopes with focal ratios between f/2.9 and f/3.9 are compatible with Triad Ultra, with lower transmissions. Between f/2.2 and f/2.8 will have a minimal 0.8 nm band-shift.

The Triad 1.25-inch filter is housed in an 11 mm tall ring, with 7.6 mm height above the threads. The ring wall thickness is between 1.68 and 2.49 mm - depending on the production batch. Please double check to make sure this will fit your filter wheel or accessories.

Square Triad Ultra Quad-Band Narrowband Filter

Get all the benefits of the Triad Ultra Quad-Band Narrowband Filter made to fit your large sensors! 

Triad Tri-Band Narrowband Filter

Not interested in capturing Sii emission lines? This version of the Triad Filter will provide similar benefits to the Ultra Quad-Band at an affordable price. 

Here’s a chart comparison sheet, 

triad filter about charts

But don’t just take our word for it, 

triad filter about review

 To view all our types and more information click here. Clear skies! 🔭

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