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The Best Astrophotography Accessories

The Best Astrophotography Accessories

Complete your dream astro toolbox with this guide on the best astrophotography accessories recommended by experts at OPT! Learn more about why accessories boost your images and experience efficient imaging by stocking up with the best tools for astrophotography.

Top 11 Astrophotography Accessories

the best astrophotography accessories 1

A Red Light Headlamp

To get the best images, many astronomers travel to dark sky sites. Using a red lightheadlampgives you the advantage of being hands-free to set up your gear and keep your dark-adapted night sight. The red light allows you to see in the dark without ruining your adapting "night vision."

the best astrophotography accessories 2

Cable Management Tools 

Building the perfect setup will include many accessories with cables of their own. Not many realize that the Pegasus Powerbox will help solve the cables getting mixed up from different accessories and reduce cable snags, which can damage your gear. The Pegasus Powerbox, like the PrimaLuceLab Eagle Core, provides power outlets to connect your gear easily. Say good-bye to beautiful setups hidden under cables!

The best astrophotography accessories 3

Portable Power 

While out at dark sites, power sources are seldom. Power packs can charge your electronic devices for hours. The Celestron Power Tank is popular for its lightweight design, making it portable for travel, as well as engineered with Lithium making it a great tool to guarantee hours of equipment use.

 the best astrophotography accessories 4

Collimation Tools

If your scope uses mirrors, like reflectors, collimation tools will be crucial for time-saving and for precise focus. Ensuring your mirrors are properly aligned is an essential step if you want to get good images of the night sky. If you're traveling to another location, it's very common that your equipment might need to be realigned when you set up. Make sure you have a collimation tool that fits your scope handy.

the best astrophotography accessories 5

Cleaning Kits

Like other tools, equipment will get dirty. Cleaning your equipment with regular household cleaning products can be damaging, so stock up on a telescope cleaning kit tested by astronomers proven to keep your mirrors and glass spec free! You don't want to mistake a fingerprint for a new galaxy out there! 

the best astrophotography accessories 5

Smartphone Mount 

Technology has made taking astronomy photos with your phone accessible with tools like a smartphone adapter! Just place on your eyepiece and dock your phone to easily capture what you see and share it with friends and family! 


the best astrophotography accessories 7


Your eyes are the most important part of your toolbox! Help them out with a set of binoculars, sometimes squinting your eyes is not enough. Pack a set and see more in your ventures.

the best astrophotography accessories 8


The QHY Polemaster eliminates the frustrating aspects that can happen during polar alignment. Save time with this highly sensitive camera! You can start polar aligning before the night sky becomes truly dark with its high sensitivity and achieve perfect pinpoint polar alignment under 5 mins.

 the best astrophotography accessories 9

Bahtinov Mask

You can never have too many tools to help make focusing easy and get those sharp, clear images! A Bahtinov mask sits on the front of your scope and turns your stars into easy to see diffraction spikes. Line up those diffraction spikes, and you will know you have perfect focus.

the best astrophotography accessories 10

Laser Bracket

A laser bracket keeps your laser sturdy while aligning your telescope. It will hold your laser like a finderscope and help you quickly find your target.

the best astrophotography accessories 11

Dew Heaters

When doing long exposure imaging, the heat of your equipment and the cold of the night will create moisture on your equipment's optics. Dew heaters can prevent the disappointment of setting up, excited to start capturing a new beautiful galaxy and then having it ruined in the next 30 minutes by frost and dew on your mirrors or lens.

What does your dream astrophotography toolbox look like? Tell us in the comments!

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